Reverse DNS lookups

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Sat Feb 23 02:50:13 UTC 2002

repl: bad addresses:
	"Christian Opsahl" <copsahl at> -- no sub-domain in domain-part of address (.)

> I want to administrate my own reverse, but im a bit out of my league here.
> I have 4 ip adresses which my ISP is administrating the reverse for, but i
> wanna do this my self. My ISP can forward this to me but, I dont know how to
> set up reverse for ip adresses that is`nt a part of a class C net.
> Here is an example on how it looks like:
> 217.8.136.xx
> 217.8.136.yy
> subnet:
> How should the input in my named.conf file be? And how would my zone file
> for these ip adresses look like.
> ---
> Christian
	See: RFC 2317

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