How to make bind resolve all requests to a specific ip

Simon Waters Simon at
Mon Feb 25 08:58:17 UTC 2002

Mike K wrote:
> I need to have one instance of bind attach to one ip on my box, and this
> instance needs to resolve ALL requests to an IP that I specify.  This will
> be used in conjunction with my radius set up to prevent users from accessing
> other sites while using the "new user" account. The radius will force them
> to use this instance of bind for DNS, and I want to make sure they find our
> website, but virtually forcing them to access it....

It's easy enough to do with a private root server, but how will
you clear their cache when you have finished polluting it?
Remember some MS OSes will be caching these replies they days,
if you go around telling lies all the time, you eventually get
caught ;). 

Any other methds available, transparent proxy with
authentication (If that isn't an oxymoron?)? Better

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