Authoritative for what domains?

Mark Damrose mdamrose at
Mon Feb 25 16:29:45 UTC 2002

<mrgigabyte at> wrote in message news:a5bf5c$aqa at
> The reason I would like to know is because someone has contacted some
> of my customers, and offered them a better deal on hosting. I don't
> lose very many customers as it is, I expect a few to leave every now
> and then despite my efforts to cater to their needs.
> However, I have had a small jump in cancellations recently. I suspect
> someone got a list of the domains I am authoritative for and contacted
> my clients directly. I suspected it was some form of query against my
> nameservers which returned the information.

I would suggest you confirm that before you spend a lot of time trying to
figure out how they did it.  Have you contacted any of the customers that
left to see why?  If they got a better offer, what makes you think it was
targeted to your customers and not just spam?

> I use name based virtual hosts so thankfully, the information is not
> available by an address scan.

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