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Wed Feb 27 19:13:48 UTC 2002

Well I tcpdumped yesteerday when it was working. When I did an rndc reload on the secondary,, I saw a packet go out to 
cyberkeep and a reply. When I tcpdump'd today now that it stopped working, 
when I do an rndc reload I do not see a packet going to cyberkeep. I dont 
get what could be causing this behavior.

At 06:47 PM 2/27/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>In article <a5j942$nep at>, Jobe Bittman  <jobe at> wrote:
> >Is is valid to have the primary authoritative name server forwarding all
> >non-authoritative requests to the secondary name server? I have a really
>I don't think forwarding should have any effect on master/slave
> >weird issue I can't seem to fix. The domain has its primary
> >name server set to and is running 9.1.3. The secondary
> > stops resolving the domain after a day. The is server is
> >running 9.2.0. I tried also setting up bind 8.2.5 at and it
> >still is able to resolve cyberkeep. Only the 9.2.0 machine stops resolving
> >the domain. I think this is some sort of misconfiguration rather than a bug.
>There must be something preventing from refreshing the domain.
>You have your SOA Expire time set to 1 day, so if this continues for a day
>the slave server expires the zone.
>You need to check the log on to find out what its problem is.
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