Bind 8/Dynamic DNS

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Feb 27 21:50:32 UTC 2002

Why would you want to "control" it? The changes are already reflected in DNS --
just query the server and you'll see. named incorporates the Dynamic Updates
*immediately*; it doesn't wait until the .log file merge.

The way to look at this is: once a zone is enabled for Dynamic Update, you lose
"ownership" of the zone file. The named process now "owns" the zone file, and
you shouldn't be using it for anything except perhaps backing it up
periodically along with all of the other files in the directory. You must now
make all changes to the zone via Dynamic Update, and you must obtain all
knowledge of the zone contents through ordinary queries or zone transfers.

- Kevin

JP wrote:

> Experts,
> I hopefully have a simple question.  I have several DNS Domains that are
> integrated with DHCP, basically allowing dynamic updates for A and PTR
> records.
> I've noticed that the updates don't get written to the zone files
> immediately, but have a .log file for each zone with the changes.  For
> example, has a file called  Even though the
> actual zone file ( doesn't have a particular record
> (, if it exists in the .log file you can do an nslookup on
> it.
> Can anybody explain the purpose of the .log file or point me to some
> documentation?  Merging those files seems to take quite some time, can this
> be controlled?
> Thanks in advance,
> JP

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