Sol 8/Bind 9.1.3 and W2K

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Feb 27 21:40:06 UTC 2002

See doc/misc/migration in the BIND 9 distribution. My guess is you have
something un-kosher in your zonefile which is causing BIND 9 to not load
the zone properly. Since it's not loaded properly, the nameserver doesn't
consider itself "authoritative" for the zone, and that's why it is
refusing Dynamic Updates.

If this speculation is correct, there should be some messages in the logs
indicating what the zonefile errors are.

- Kevin

Jon wrote:

> I am working in our testbed. Previously had Bind 8.2.2 p5 (on AIX)
> working there. Put up Sol 8 and Bind 9.1.3 then ftp'd the AIX
> named.conf and db files to
> the Sun box. Nslookup at the the sun box always works and is
> authoritative. BTW , this was a compiled version of 9.1.3 from
> sunsolve(?)
> My observations:
> Errors in /var/adm/messages-- error processing update packet (REFUSED)
> ---referring  to the IP address of the W2K domain controller even
> though I have that IP address in the acl allowing updates....and
> forward/reverse lookups of the domain controller name/IP work at the
> sun console...
> nslookup from W2K domain controller works about half the time...times
> out after 2 secs on the first try and a retransmit of the nslookup
> works...does not seem to matter if I nslookup "jon" or
> "" or ""
> Questions:
> Would NSUPDATE help me? (what does it do?)
> Should I be running a SUN supplied version of bind?
> What about using 8.2.2p5 .conf and db these need to be
> changed for 9.1.3?
> Thanks for any help...
> Jon

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