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Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Wed Feb 27 21:36:52 UTC 2002

Jerwine wrote:

> hello,
> i have four nameservers for : AAA.com,
>                                              BBB.AAA.com,
>                                              CCC.BBB.AAA.com,
>                                              DDD.BBB.AAA.com
> what i have done is delagate AAA.com into BBB.AAA.com,
>                                 delegate BBB.AAA.com into CCC.BBB.AAA.com
> and DDD.BBB.AAA.com
> DDD.BBB.AAA.com forwards to BBB.AAA.com
> CCC.BBB.AAA.com forwards to BBB.AAA.com
> BBB.AAA.com forwards to AAA.com
> my problem is during the name resolving at BBB.AAA.com , sometimes it will
> resolve its delagation for CCC.BBB.AAA.com and
> DDD.BBB.AAA.com, but most of time BBB.AAA.com nameserver will pass the query
> to AAA.com instead of passing the request to its sub-domains
> question:
>  is there a way to let BBB.AAA.com resolve the queries FIRST for
> DDD.BBB.AAA.com and CCC.BBB.AAA.com, then if not found
> pass it to AAA.com?

This is very confusing. You seem to be mixing up the domain names of the
hierarchy you're describing with the domain names of the nameservers which are
serving zones in that hierarchy. The two don't necessarily have anything to do
with each other.

If you're asking "can BIND do 'failover forwarding', i.e. forward a query if
the particular name doesn't happen to exist in the authoritative data of a
particular zone?", then the answer is "no". This is not implemented in BIND,
and probably will never be. The model on which BIND is based is that if a
nameserver is authoritative for a zone, it expects to know everything about
that zone, in which case there is no point forwarding the queries anywhere

- Kevin

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