BIND/NT4 DDNS Problems.

Mark Damrose mdamrose at
Thu Feb 28 03:47:38 UTC 2002

"David Frank" <DFrank at> wrote in message
news:a5jlts$pdf at
> Actually they control the domain and I would like them to
> create and delegate administration of the sub domain (for instance)
> I have a BIND server ready for this sub domain, but they
> are unable to figure this out how to do this. I am willing to read up on
> DNS but was wondering if I will be able to control a sub domain of a NT4
> server with a BIND server. Also, I need to figure out how to create a sub
> domain and delegate authority to a BIND box.
This isn't anything NT or BIND specific.  To delegate a subdomain they just
need to create NS record(s) pointing to your server(s). IN NS

If your BIND server's name is within the subdomain, they will also need an A
record for glue. IN A

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