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Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Tue Jan 8 20:04:40 UTC 2002

xyz.com cannot own a CNAME if it is the name of the zone (and therefore owns an
SOA and at least one NS record). The protocol specifications are clear on this
point. How you co-ordinate your A record changes with the domain owners of
xyz.com.hk is between you and them.

- Kevin

David Xiao wrote:

> I see.
> But there is another question.
> I am not delegated the zone xyz.com.hk.
> But I have the delegation of xyz.com.
> they want me to set some servers of xyz.com with A record to point to IP Address.
> but they want www.xyz.com and xyz.com to point to CNAME www.xyz.com.hk
> Now I can set www.xyz.com to CNAME www.xyz.com.hk!:-)
> If I set the xyz.com to the IP of www.xyz.com.hk,it will be failed if the
> www.xyz.com.hk change their IP Address.:-((
> How can I set the zone file to let www.xyz.com and xyz.com all point to
> www.xyz.com.hk?
> thanks.
> Jim Reid <jim at rfc1035.com> wrote in message news:<a1cm6g$3gn at pub3.rc.vix.com>...
> > >>>>> "David" == David Xiao <xiao at info.sta.net.cn> writes:
> >
> >     David> When I write the zone file like that
> >     David> www.xxx.com.  IN CNAME www.xxx.com.hk
> >     David> xxx.com.      IN CNAME www.xxx.com.hk
> >
> >     David> the xxx.com can not be found,the www.xxx.com can be found.
> >     David> Does that means I can not set xxx.com with CNAME?
> >
> > Yes. Read RFC1034 and RFC2181 or the discussion about multiple CNAMEs
> > earlier today in this list. xxx.com (why not the real domain name?)
> > will have a SOA and NS records. Therefore the name cannot exist as a
> > CNAME too.
> >
> >     David> but if I wanna do the same thing like that, How can I set the zone
> >     David> file?
> >
> > Replace the CNAME for xxx.com with an A record that has the IP address
> > of the appropriate web server.
> >
> > Oh, and try to give a more meaningful Subject: header on your
> > postings. Just about everyone asks "a question"....

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