strange problem with MX records, firewall, Bind and Windows DNS

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sun Jun 2 01:21:32 UTC 2002

At 09:04 AM 5/31/02, Kevin Darcy wrote:

>RFC 974 was technically obsoleted by RFC 2821, but I think the MX algorithm is
>essentially the same.
>In any case, you're getting a SERVFAIL, so basically all bets are off as 
>far as
>mail delivery is concerned (mailers are supposed to do something "reasonable",
>which covers a lot of ground).
>Perhaps you could summarize exactly when you are getting a SERVFAIL, and 
>when you
>aren't. Inside the firewall versus outside the firewall (?) Using "dig", or
>"nslookup", or whatever Micro$oft's lookup tool is (?)

Just grab the BIND 8 NT Binary Tools from the ISC Web/FTP site:

for the pointers to the latest kit.

The Tools contain dig, host as well as nslookup.  If you use dig, people will
be able to understand the output better.

I've never heard of restest, Is it out of one of the resource kits?


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