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Sun Jun 2 02:16:17 UTC 2002

> Hi All
> Can some one please explain this to me.
> At what stage did it become neccessary to register name servers? EG:
> To be able to delegate domain names to a DNS server it is necessary to
> register with an IP address. Any delegation attemp
> will fail until this is done.

	Like always.  There was a implict registration when you submitted
	a registration request for a zone.  It was changed to be explicit
	years ago.  Host have to be registered so that glue records can
	be maintained in the parent server.

	Glue records are those records that are required to be held
	outside the zone they are in to enable the servers for the
	zone to be contacted.

> Is this documented in an RFC anywhere? (I have searched)
> How does it work?
> I know this -- if I register as a name server with
> an IP address ( -- yet in the zone file
> for the ns1 record is as follows --
>, whenever you do a lookup on this host
> you only ever get back the IP address. Why is the actual
> record in the zone file not
> returned?

	Because the glue record is found first in the resolution process.
	It is your responability as the maintainer for
	to ensure that the parent zone is kept upto date.

> Had a resonable understanding of DNS until I encountered this.
> Cheers
> Harry
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