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Sun Jun 2 23:50:27 UTC 2002

> Out of interest how does one actually maintain the glue record/update the par
> ent zone?

	You send updates to the parent zone when the data changes.
		The names of the name servers change.
		The addresses of the name servers change.
> Would it be as simple (hah!!) as in this case ( a .com) altering the nameserv
> er
> registration details with netsol and allowing that information to propigate? 

	If netsol is your registrar the wise you contact the registrar
	for the zone the host lives in.  You can query the registry's
	database to find out the registrar.

		whois -h ISC.ORG

> And if so, in the case of TLDs not managed by Netsol (e.g. how would 
> one do this?

	You contact the registry / registrar for
> Sorry probably a silly question but I keep getting stuck on the practicle det
> ails of how
> one does these things.
> Many thanks
> Lee
> <snippity-snip>
> >
> >	Because the glue record is found first in the resolution process.
> >	It is your responability as the maintainer for
> >	to ensure that the parent zone is kept upto date.
> >
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