name resolution in function of client's IP address

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Jun 4 20:40:58 UTC 2002

"michel.guilhem" wrote:

> I manage a dns in an intranet , and i have a question :
> Is it possible to obtain a different resolution of name in
> function of the client's address Ip ?
> For example :
> A client with an IP address do a request to obtain
> the IP address of a server called and the dns return
> for this
> Another client with an IP address do the same
> request ( ) and the dns return for the same
> name .
> I'm interested by this because i construct a cache tree
> structure and for some requests it is not possible to redirect the
> request (
> like ftp client in command line ) so the unique solution might be the
> dns to redirect the request at the source .

Check out the "view" feature of BIND 9. This would require you to define
*every* zone on the nameserver in each view, however, but you could
maybe point the definitions at the same zonefile and/or use $INCLUDE
files to make your life easier in this regard...

- Kevin

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