Invalid Zone file for bind 8.2.2 ?

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Tue Jun 4 21:21:33 UTC 2002

Mark <spamail at> wrote:
> I have two central dns servers, running bind 8.2.2 P7 on solaris 2.6. On
> these servers we defined forwarders to the internet and some stubs. one of
> these stubs is an Win2000 AD server with domain "". On frequent
> base we so a tcp session from the bind dns to the AD server to get the
> newest zone file. This works fine most of the time, but we had a crash at
> both the bind servers after a tcp session with the AD server. The named
> process was still running but didn't respond anymore. We neede to kill the
> named process with the -9 option. After a restart of named, the process put
> a messages in the syslog which says :" unable to load No NS
> RR in zone file". This looks like an wrong zone file from the AD servers.
> but noormaly named checks this zone files before loading them. Does somebody
> know what can be wrong on a zone file from a Ad server but what is accepted
> at a bind server ?

I'd suggest you upgrade your bind-8.2.2.p7, several security holes and some
functional bug are corrected in later version. 

8.3.1 is what the doctor prescibes :-)

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