Invalid Zone file for bind 8.2.2 ?

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Wed Jun 5 16:45:45 UTC 2002


Before you waste a lot of time trouble shooting BIND 8.2.2. P7, upgrage to
the latest version of BIND.

Go here:

They will have all the details on the nasties inside you version...

Hope this helps...


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I have two central dns servers, running bind 8.2.2 P7 on solaris 2.6. On
these servers we defined forwarders to the internet and some stubs. one of
these stubs is an Win2000 AD server with domain "". On frequent
base we so a tcp session from the bind dns to the AD server to get the
newest zone file. This works fine most of the time, but we had a crash at
both the bind servers after a tcp session with the AD server. The named
process was still running but didn't respond anymore. We neede to kill the
named process with the -9 option. After a restart of named, the process put
a messages in the syslog which says :" unable to load No
RR in zone file". This looks like an wrong zone file from the AD servers.
but noormaly named checks this zone files before loading them. Does
know what can be wrong on a zone file from a Ad server but what is accepted
at a bind server ?

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