new user question about upgrading to 9.2.1

Will Yardley usenet at
Thu Jun 6 23:53:37 UTC 2002

In article <adonjh$5g7e$1 at>, Brian O'Gorman wrote:

> I am running on  a Sun Microsystems UNIX Solaris 2.8, and have the
> following result from the in.named -v command
> in.named BIND 8.2.2-P5 Fri Dec 21 05:14:00 PST 2001
>         Generic Patch-5.8-December 2001
> I have successfully gunzip and tar the bind-9.2.1.tar.gz
>                              ./configure --prefix=PREFIX
>                              make
>                              make test
> I think I'm ready to to do the make install.
> Now my question is, to do the make install, should I worry or be
> concerned about the BIND 8.2.2 running when I try to do it? Should I
> kill -9  `cat /var/named/` before doing the make install?

you should definitely try to stop it (try to send a SIGTERM before
trying a SIGKILL).

the solaris startup scripts check for /etc/named.conf, so one thing to
do would be to compile the new BIND with /usr/local/etc (or somewhere
else) as the sysconfdir (since you set a prefix, the default sysconfdir
will probably be something other than /etc already) - that way you can
move named.conf there, and then you don't have to edit the Solaris
startup scripts (which could be overwritten by a patch cluster or

then, of course, you'll need to make your own startup script for bind9.

i'd also recommend adding a 'bind' user, and running named as "named -u
bind" (chroot as well, if possible). 

you may wish to remove the nslookup, host and dig executables, or else
put the new ones earlier in your $PATH.

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