new user question about upgrading to 9.2.1

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Fri Jun 7 00:19:37 UTC 2002

> I am running on  a Sun Microsystems UNIX Solaris 2.8, and have the
> following result from the in.named -v command
> in.named BIND 8.2.2-P5 Fri Dec 21 05:14:00 PST 2001
>         Generic Patch-5.8-December 2001
> I have successfully gunzip and tar the bind-9.2.1.tar.gz
>                              ./configure --prefix=PREFIX

	Well I hope you didn't use a literal "PREFIX" as it is
	supposed to be replaced by a path.

>                              make
>                              make test
> I think I'm ready to to do the make install.
> Now my question is, to do the make install, should I worry or be
> concerned about the BIND 8.2.2 running when I try to do it? Should I
> kill -9  `cat /var/named/` before doing the make install?

	No.  But don't forget to do it after the install before
	restarting named. 

	Also I suggest that you run named-checkconf and named-checkzone
	over your existing configuration and correct any errors reported
	*before* you install.  named-checkconf and named-checkzone can
	be found in bin/check.

	Don't forget to update you start up scripts to point to named
	rather than in.named.

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