[OLD QUESTION] dns stats (fwd)

Joaquin J. Domens jdomens at corp.terra.es
Fri Jun 7 10:02:51 UTC 2002

Ok, problem fixed.

As easy as removing old ndc (/usr/sbin), now it's working from /usr/local/sbin
(which is the one I installed), and everything works fine.

Thanks for all your responses.


Mark.Andrews at isc.org wrote:

>         The simple solution is to ensure that you run the copy of
>         ndc that was installed when you installed 8.3.1 and remove
>         the controls clause from named.conf (or adjust the path to
>         match the default path).  That has "/var/run/ndc.d/ndc"
>         compiled into it.  If you use a path other than the compiled
>         in default you have to specify it on the ndc command line.
>         Mark

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