Receiving Mail server cant conduct a reverse lookup on my mail se rver

Brian Guild Brian at
Thu Jun 6 21:00:33 UTC 2002

DNS Team,

The message I am getting in the undeliverable messages is as follows:  450
Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname, []

How can I set up my DNS server (Redhat 7.2/Bind 9.2 being controlled through
Webmin) to allow this reverse lookup.  I assumed everything was OK because I
have had no problems up until now.  Here is a copy of the zone:

$ttl 38400	IN	SOA (
			38400 )	IN	NS	IN	NS	IN	A	IN	A <> .	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	MX	10 <> .	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	MX	20	IN	A	IN	A

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