Zone transfer problems

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> in comp.protocols.dns.bind i read:
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> >> Common gotchas in BIND 9 are:
> >> 1)$TTL must exist as first line of zone file or on the first RR.
> >> 2)No periods allowed in serial numbers
> >> 3) RRs can't stradle line breaks so the SOA must have the opening
> >> paranthesis on the first line of the SOA record.
> >
> >None of these should affect a slave, since it does not transfer the
> >file.  If the master will load the zone, it should be fine.
> not necessarily.  bind 9 has some things that it will refuse to do, e.g.,
> multiple cname's, so the fact that a bind 8 server will load a file
> necessarily prove that a bind 9 server will accept it (either as a file or
> a transfer).  running bind 9's named-checkzone against the zone is a good
> suggestion.

OK, the statement that if the master will load it should be fine is not
quite true.  However the OP has a non-BIND master.  I don't know if that
server uses the master file format - or can export to the master file
format.  It was already pointed out that he was using an old tool to attempt
to force a transfer.  That's why I suggested testing with dig.

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