differences in query responses in bind4 - bind8/9

Axel Klatt axel at csbl.net
Mon Jun 10 06:18:52 UTC 2002


Between bind4.9 and the newer bind versions (8/9) the response to a 
nslookup-query is different when an wildcard-mx is included in the 
queried zone file.

The difference between the answer of V4 and V8/9 is, that the V8/9
are adding an 'authority RR' to the answer (which V4 does not). 

This leads to the problem, that nslookup does not continue to
query on its srchpath when asking bind V8/9 servers in contrast
to the V4 server.

Do you know why this difference in the response was changed in the
 newer bind versions ? I havn't found it yet searching the changelogs.
Or do you think this might be a bug in nslookup or named?! 

Yes, I know that it is not recommeded to use wilcard-mx's and bind4 is

best regards

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