differences in query responses in bind4 - bind8/9

phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu
Mon Jun 10 12:17:07 UTC 2002

Axel Klatt <axel at csbl.net> wrote:

> Hi,

> Between bind4.9 and the newer bind versions (8/9) the response to a 
> nslookup-query is different when an wildcard-mx is included in the 
> queried zone file.

> The difference between the answer of V4 and V8/9 is, that the V8/9
> are adding an 'authority RR' to the answer (which V4 does not). 

> This leads to the problem, that nslookup does not continue to
> query on its srchpath when asking bind V8/9 servers in contrast
> to the V4 server.

> Do you know why this difference in the response was changed in the
>  newer bind versions ? I havn't found it yet searching the changelogs.
> Or do you think this might be a bug in nslookup or named?! 

> Yes, I know that it is not recommeded to use wilcard-mx's and bind4 is
> deprecated...

nslookup is also deprecated :-)

> best regards
>  axel

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