RoundRobin DNS?

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Wed Jun 12 20:39:23 UTC 2002

Why Linux when you can FreeBSD?
Check out
for a load balancing/redundancy project.

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    Thanks for the information.  So for around 2k, my client can get the RAD
box, which in turn would hand out appropriate ips.  Now the next question
arrizes, is there a software project for linux that does the same?  Doesn't
seem too hard to do.  Also, if he has about 300 domains on that server, RAD
box would be able to support all of his virtual hosts.

THANKS GUYS!!!  Couldn't do it without you.

Vasiliy Boulytchev
Colorado Information Technologies Inc.
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> >     This is a first time I get a client big enough that needs this
> > solution.  Imagine a scenario, that you have a web server that can't go
> > down.  So you put it up at 2 different locations, say one in LA, other
> > NYC.  So if say the ISP in LA goes down, NYC should theoretically start
> > getting requests for webhits.  That's what this client wants.  So how is
> > this done, I'm not sure this is done with DNS at all, although its a
> > possibility.  When I querry with nslookup, I get a few
> > different ips. HOW IS THIS DONE?   Can someone please point me in the
> > right direction?
> DNS can do blind load distribution by varying the physical order of
> in an RRset (eg, multiple ip's for a www.domain/IN/A query).  But there is
> in failover since visitors will be sent to an ip even if the web server is
> down.
> RAD Linkproof box (eBay, about $2k) can do intelligent load-balancing.
> donmain is delegated to the Linkproof which responds to A
> queries (but is not a full DNS) and which passes out short TTL A records
> based on the Linkproof's evaluation of the response www servers.
> Also google for fezhead.
> Len
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