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> Does anyone know what the potential problems might be using multiple
> We are using Bind 8.2.3 or Solaris, and I have a requested to do this.
> After reading the book, all the has is it "violates the CNAME and other
> rules".

That should be all that you need to know.  This combination or records is
expressly prohibited by RFC.  IIRC, BIND 8 can be configured to allow this
behavior as part of a BIND 4 compatability, but that doesn't mean it is a
good idea.

As for what could happen.  Anything from a few annoying messages in your log
files to other places not being able to connect to you because *their* name
server enforces the rules.

A better idea would be to ask what the requester is trying to accomplish and
find a standards comformant way to do it.

Even if you can make this work for you, it's a good idea to get out of the
habbit now.  When you find a need to upgrade to BIND 9, you will find that
this zone will not load.  Better to solve this now rather than be forced to
make multiple changes to get back live when you are in a crunch.

> thanks
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