Internal and External DNS???

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Thu Jun 13 15:13:24 UTC 2002


I suggest not using a subdomain for the inside.  Rather, run the same
domain both internally and externally.  In the external zone, populate it
with external information for Internet consumption (translated IP's of mail
server, web server, etc...).  On the internal name server, populate the
zone with the actual IP addresses of your systems.  Then, configure all of
you internal systems' resolvers to use the internal name server.

Also, if you are running BIND 9.2.1 (latest secure version), you can use
"views" to run both your internal and external dns on the same server.



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Hello... I've a little probleme....

I have a normal domain ex. But I need a sub-domain
ex for the internal network (behind firewall, this
not be a registered domain by my provider)...

so i setup a name server (named) and configure and make a zone
where I add my subdomain (, this is now reachable,
put my parent domain,, is no longer avaible??? (only from
internal network)

anyone has an idea?


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