Internal and External DNS???

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Thu Jun 13 20:24:24 UTC 2002

unki <unki at> wrote:

> Hello... I've a little probleme....

> I have a normal domain ex. But I need a sub-domain
> ex for the internal network (behind firewall, this
> should
> not be a registered domain by my provider)... 

> so i setup a name server (named) and configure and make a zone
> where I add my subdomain (, this is now reachable,
> put my parent domain,, is no longer avaible??? (only from
> internal network)

> anyone has an idea?

Use "split-dns" showing without the subdomain delegation 
to the outer world, and with the subdomain to the inside machines.
Also make the subdomain "allow-query "inside-only";

Split-dns can easily be done with bind-9 view, with a little more 
work with bind-8 ( or multiple bind-8)

> unki

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