Change from bind8 to bind9

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Thu Jun 13 20:28:39 UTC 2002

Alexander Bruns <a.bruns at> wrote:
> Hi,

> I am aintaining a nameserver for several de-domains in our company.

> it is a hidden primary nameserver because the nameserver, who are
> asked for the domains
> and who are named in the zone-files are others that that I am
> maintaining.
> Due to to this, our nameserver itselfs is only asked from the
> secondary-nameservers.

> Whe I now want to cahnge from bind 8 to bind 9, what Do I have to
> change in the conf-file?

Read the file doc/misc/migration in the source directory.

Generally there is few changes, most are related to rndc controls
( also well documented in the doc/arm directory.

> Is the /etc/named.conf compatible with bind9?
Yes ( except for controls)

> Where do I get informations about how to upgrade? I dont want
> Informations about compiling
> bind, because i will change from bind8 on redhat 6.2 rpm-installed to
> bind9 on redhat 7.3 rpm
> installed and rpm-updated.

Bad idea ( unless deadrat also supplies all documentation ) Go get 
the source and build yourself, atleast on one machine so you have
access to all documentation.)

> Is it possible, without using any further new possibilities on bind9,
> to run bind 9 with
> the conf-file of bind8 and to get the same things running.

Yes, close to at least.

> Bind9 has to notify the bind8-name-servers. it has to be secondary for
> some other zones.
> it has to be master for some zones.
No problems.

> Greetings from Germany

> Alexander Bruns

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