DNS resolving issue

Mark Damrose mdamrose at elgin.cc.il.us
Thu Jun 13 21:30:06 UTC 2002

"Stephen" <ssites at air-tech.com> wrote in message
news:aeas09$ejgv$1 at isrv4.isc.org...
> We have a program that runs on WIN 98 clients. All it is is a shortcut
> on the users desktop that points to and exe on a network drive. All
> the sudden today. it times out when trying to connect. If I remove the
> users DNS settings, it connects fine. Put them back in and it times
> out.
> Any idea why???
How is this related to BIND?

What times out? Connection to Network drive?  Application doing whatever it

I'll go ahead and take a wild guesses.  You have DNS settings in your Win 98
control panel that specify an invalid domain name, search path or DNS
resolver.  When you remove them completely, it uses the correct information
supplied by a DHCP server.

Wild guess 2 - You are using private address space and have not configured
the in-addr.arpa domains on your DNS server.  ARIN got tired of all the
people who use private address space and don't configure their own servers,
and shut off the servers that used to host it.  Your application no longer
gets a negative response, and you don't wait for it to time out.  When you
remove the DNS info, it gets an immediate failure and is happy.

If this is not it, please include a lot more information when you contact
the support group for your network OS, your application, or Windows 98.

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