Message I can't explain in BIND 9

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Sat Jun 15 00:05:16 UTC 2002

> HI, I just installed a brand new BIND 9.2.1 on a Solaris 8 box. Everything
> work's just fine but there is a message I can't explain  : [ID 866145
> daemon.notice] couldn't add command channel ::1#953: address not available.
> Could the message be related to Ipv6? Is there someone who can tell me what
> this mean?
>  Thanks
> André

	It means that named tried to establish a control channel on the
	IPv6 loopback address (::1) and they machine does not have
	IPv6 loopback address configured.

	Add the following to named.conf which will override the
	default attempt to bind to both ::1#953 and

	include "/etc/rndc.key";

	controls {
		inet port 953 allow { any; } key { rndc-key };

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