how do i know the success of Bind Upgrade

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sat Jun 15 02:31:57 UTC 2002

"Sonam N. Sherpa" wrote:

> Hi,
> I have just upgraded BIND 8.2.5 to BIND 8.3.1 on my BSD system.
> During Installations I did
> make clean; make depend; make all; make install
> Then I did kill -9 `cat /var/run/`
> then named -u named
> However when I did
> ndc status
> it shows me that the old version of named ie of bind 8.2.5 is still the
> one that is working.
> Does this mean that the uprgade did not take place? or is there more that
> I have to do to reflect the upgrade.
> rgds,
> sonam

There are 3 things here:

1) Where the BIND makefiles are configured to install the executables

2) How your $PATH variable is configured

3) What pathname the BSD startup scripts use to start named

Apparently, you've demonstrated that #2 and #1 don't match. But unless
you're going to be in the habit of starting up named from the command-line
using an unqualified "named", what's more important is that #3 and #1 match,
since that determines which "named" is started when the machine reboots. If
you want all 3 pathnames to match, then you may have to tweak the
BIND makefiles.

An outside possibility is that you never really killed the old named
instance. This could have happened if for some reason the PID of the process
was not in /var/run/ (e.g. if your named.conf set "pid-file" to
some other pathname). In that case, the new "named" instance would have
failed to start, because something else was already listening on the port.
There should have been some errors in your logs in that case. A simple check
would be to do a "ps" and check the start time of the "named" process.

- Kevin

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