how do i know the success of Bind Upgrade

Will Yardley usenet at
Sat Jun 15 03:42:28 UTC 2002

In article <aee8b1$n2e$1 at>, Sonam N. Sherpa wrote:
> I have just upgraded BIND 8.2.5 to BIND 8.3.1 on my BSD system.
> During Installations I did 
> make clean; make depend; make all; make install
> Then I did kill -9 `cat /var/run/`
> then named -u named
> However when I did 
> ndc status
> it shows me that the old version of named ie of bind 8.2.5 is still the
> one that is working.
> Does this mean that the uprgade did not take place? or is there more that
> I have to do to reflect the upgrade.

check the archives - there are some good discussions of this (and pros
and cons of different ways of getting around it).

since BIND is in the base of most BSDs (you don't mention which BSD
you're using, or what version, but I'm assuming you're using FreeBSD or

a quick search turned up:

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