Strange iteration issue.

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Sun Jun 16 08:22:19 UTC 2002

William Stacey <staceyw at> wrote:

> Looking at this for someone on another group and is now a vendetta.
> Server is a w2k DNS server in "root-hints" mode with no forwarders
> configured.  I'm not sure if this is a general DNS issue or an
> implementation issue.  If latter, please forgive the question.

> He is trying to ping using w2k DNS as recursive server.
> w2k DNS
> starts standard iteration as normal but starts looping trying to resolve
> - because is replying with NS records
> instead of
> A record.  Is anyone else seeing the same thing?

The problems comes from the fact that one of the nameservers for
is, which is a CNAME.

( is also a MX record which also should'nt be a CNAME )

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