Strange iteration issue.

William Stacey [MVP] staceyw at
Wed Jun 19 02:49:43 UTC 2002

> in which case you are using the wrong list/group.
I think we covered this in the post.  As the premier area for DNS knowledge
on the NET, must every single post have the four letters "BIND" in it, or
can we also talk in general about DNS and DNS RFCs and *maybe interoperation
with other systems once or twice to further understanding?   Everyone
benefits with shared knowledge, and we all probably have experience with the
alternative (conflict and little productivity.)  We don't live in a box, and
need to communicate with other systems.   That is like having a networking
group, but only allowing people to talk about 3com NICs.  Or a storage group
to only talk about IBM drives.  I think this group casts a little wider net
then strickly its' namesake.  Maybe your right, but it turns out to be a
problem on the other end anyway, and I'm thankfull for the help in
confirming that.

>, one of the authoritative servers for the domain, is a
> cname, which is illegal -- perhaps msdns doesn't like that and isn't
> willing to try the other authoritative server (
That must be it.  BIND is trying both and



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