limit to number of zone-files

bind at bind at
Mon Jun 17 08:42:48 UTC 2002


Lately I have been experiencing problems with one of our 
nameservers. On the console one time I catched some messages 
about something "truncated" (sorry I don't have the exact message) 
and it is swapping like crazy untill it becomes unresponsive. This 
usually happens around 7.00 GMT. Rebooting the nameserver 
helps, but isn't my idea of a fix :)

setup is FreeBSD 4.6-RC, bind  8.3.2-T1B. There are about 1030 

Could this have anything to do with the " limit files set to fdlimit 
(1024) "-message I have been getting since upgrading to 8.3.x?

Anybody know how I can get the console-messages into a log? At 
the moment, I don't have immediate access to the console.

Any pointers where to look for the problem and fix it are appreciated.

Kind regards,

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