Cannot register BIND server to domain name registrar, HELP! (desperate, newbie, etc.)

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Jun 19 02:10:24 UTC 2002

Crazy Diamond wrote:

> > I can't seem to get any response whatsoever out of;
> > not even for its own name.
> >
> ARRGGH, someone turned off the computer in the lab, or the power went
> out... i'm going back to the lab at around 9:00 AM eastern time to
> reboot the machine.  It was working though.

It's responding now. Have you tried re-registering it?

> > By the way, "localhost." is a root-zone name, so it doesn't belong in
> > the zone. If you want named to interpret that name as
> > "", then either fully-qualify it as such,
> > terminated with a dot, or leave off the trailing dot completely.
> Oh woops, i sorta just copied that from the DNS HOW-TO doc from the
> linux documentation project... i thought that was correct hehe.  So i
> dont' put 'localhost' in anywhere?

See my second sentence in the above paragraph.

> > LATE UPDATE: the delegations for now include
> > "", but there appears to be no A record associated with
> > that name. Are you making changes _right_now_?
> >
> Ah yeah i forgot... is on the
> nameservers.  I'll have to delete that record ( was
> basically the machine).

My guess is that your registrar didn't like "" because
the PTR record didn't match the A record, didn't like "" for
the same reason, or because it's the same as the name of the zone, and
didn't like "" because it checked it and it happened to be
down at the time. But these are strictly *guesses*; to be sure, you should
talk to your registrar and find out why their tool is not accepting the

- Kevin

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