Own root cache for outside resolutios , possible?

Joaquin J. Domens jdomens at corp.terra.es
Fri Jun 21 11:18:23 UTC 2002

Hi group,

I've a question for you.....

I've configured two machines as internal dns's for our company that
contain all of our internal zones and it has no public ip, the thing
it's that our internal services need to resolve outside domains also.

Which is the smartest solution to mantain this architecture?

I've tried to built my own root.cache so that when they have to resolve
external domains (yahoo.com , etc) the queries are redirect to other
dns's that has public ip and external resolution, but it looks like he
stills look for the real root cache sinstead of the file I've created.

Do I have to built my root.cache in a special way ? or it's not possible
to do this ?

Hope my explanation it's clear .......

BIND: 8.3.1
OS: Solaris 8

Thanks in advance
Joaquin J. Domens
Área de Tecnología
Departamento de Producción / Aplicaciones
Terra Networks España S.A.
Julián Camarillo, 6
28037 Madrid, España
joaquin.domens at corp.terra.es
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