Zone Transfer Prob.

Stephens, Bill {PBSG} Bill.Stephens at
Fri Jun 21 11:35:36 UTC 2002

DIG returns the correct SOA, and successfully returns a full zone transfer.
I'm pretty sure it's not a corrupt zone file or named.conf.  I have a
cross-over cable between the two servers.  I added the IP address of the
masters cross-over, and the transfer took off!  I have the server defitition
set to transfer-format many-answers;transfers 160;};  The non-crossover
segment is on a 100mb switched Ethernet segment what could be constipating
the transfer?  CPU on both master and slave run <5%, out of 512mb I'm only
using about 150mb.

This zone has about 15 slave servers, I've tried trimming it down to 3 and
still had the same problem.


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>>>>> "Bill" == Stephens, Bill {PBSG} <Bill.Stephens at> writes:

    Bill> Ok, now I'm getting somewhere.  I'm starting to receive this
    Bill> error:

    Bill> 20-Jun-2002 15:53:02.967 load: warning: Zone ""
    Bill> (file /var/named /sec/ no SOA RR found

    Bill> I've checked the soa record, and the newsgroups.  I have the
    Bill> spaces before and after the ( ).  Any other ideas?

Since you've not shown *exactly* what's in the zone file, it's hard to
say what's wrong with it other than what the name server has reported:
the zone file has no SOA record. So the file is broken or corrupt in
some way. If your server is a slave (secondary) for -- why
didn't you give the actual zone name? -- I suggest you move the old
zone file and reload the server. It should then transfer the zone from
the master (primary) server and write a new copy of the zone file. You
can then compare the old and new versions and that might explain what
was wrong with the old one if you can be bothered to care about that.

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