Compile error bind-8.3.2 redhat 5.2

Gerald Waugh gwaugh at
Sun Jun 23 12:42:11 UTC 2002

I recently compiled bind-8.3.1 on this system with no trouble,
Now when I attempt to "make all" bind-8.3.2
I get the following error

gcc -D_GNU_SOURCE -O -g   -o nslookup main.o getinfo.o debug.o send.o skip.o 
list.o subr.o commands.o \
        ../../lib/libbind.a -ll -lfl
ld: cannot open -ll: No such file or directory

My compile scenario was
make clean, make depend, make all
skipping "make" stdlinks as this is redhat 5.2
(I used the same scenario to compile 8.3.1)

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