Strange issue

John Jones jjones at
Tue Jun 25 16:39:13 UTC 2002

I have a domain that is working on some servers, and not on others;
meaning that some nameservers can resolve it, others cannot.  I am
attempting to figure out if it is the construction of -my- name server
or zone file... Or if it is an issue with the registration of the

The domain is

I can, using nslookup, resolve the name from various local nameservers.
However, others cannot find it.  This alone makes me think it is a
registration issue...  However, with the history of this domain (a
somewhat malformed zone file) makes me pause before pointing fingers.

I can successfully look up the domain from:

I cannot resolve it from:

So, this leads me to believe that it is a registrar issue.  But, NetSol
shows the record as being fine and correct in their WHOIS lookup.  The
registrar is, if that means anything to anyone.
If someone could help me track down where to look for this issue, I
would appreciate it.

John Jones
Infrastructure Administrator
Merlin Technologies, Inc.
jjones at

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