Strange issue

Simon Waters Simon at
Tue Jun 25 17:00:12 UTC 2002

John Jones wrote:
> The domain is

doc likes it.
> I can, using nslookup, resolve the name from various local nameservers.
> However, others cannot find it.  This alone makes me think it is a
> registration issue...  However, with the history of this domain (a
> somewhat malformed zone file) makes me pause before pointing fingers.

The only oddity is the use of the same IP address for both
nameservers - which could lead to odd behaviour I guess.

I think some of the name servers that don't work aren't offering
recursion to the general public, so they should resolve this
address, isn't their job to.

Is anyone not able to use the site, or is it just your testing
that makes you nervous? As I think your testing methodology is
flawed, as above.

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