Strange issue

John Jones jjones at
Tue Jun 25 18:19:32 UTC 2002

> Sorry I misread the first post. The problem is that 
> is registered as a nameserver. The 
> GTLD servers are answering queries for that hostname.

> 172800 IN      A
>    172800  IN      NS
>    172800  IN      NS
> ;; Received 139 bytes from in 82 ms

Thank you.  That explains it, certainly.  However... At, their record makes no mention of that entry, which is
why I couldn't find it.  The nameserver entries say:




   Domain servers in listed order: 

So it was very confusing as to where that was coming from.  NOW, the
question is... How do I get rid of that nameserver entry?  I will
contact them and NetSol to try and get this cleared up.

I have learned a new command:  dig +trace

Thank you Nate.  And thanks to everyone on the list.  You have saved my

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