creating aliases across zone (zone mapping?)

Cricket Liu cricket at
Wed Jun 26 00:19:06 UTC 2002

> i've read some of the old posts in this new group about how cross-zone
> mapping is forbidden (such as mapping to, unless
> I go through network solutions or some external service.

No, that's nonsense.  As long as you run the zone that the CNAME
record (which creates an alias) needs to be added to, you can point
the alias wherever you like.

> I am running the DNS for my company's domain, and we have serveral
> sub-domains. since I have authority to our domain,
> is it okay then for me to cross-map or create aliases within my domain?


> say, I have a machine that has the address 111.222.333.444 and i want to
> give it both the name
>  (DNS entry reflects geographical
> location)
> and
> (DNS entry reflects internal use)
> is this allowed? if so, how should I do it?

Sure.  You could add a CNAME record to    CNAME


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