Bind 9 Limiting factors

Jim Reid jim at
Fri Jun 28 17:21:06 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Steven" == Steven B Parsons <sparsons at> writes:

    Steven> Ok Bind experts Ive done some research and have not found
    Steven> much so whatever info you can give me is going to be very
    Steven> much appreciated. Bind 8 is what I am familiar with mostly
    Steven> but the bind 9 view's feature is what I need.

Eh? What have views got to do with BIND9's "limiting factors"? And
what limiting factors are you trying to find?

    Steven> Its a very busy box (avg 500 lookups / sec) and Im trying
    Steven> to make it fall over but for whatever reason its limiting
    Steven> the amount of memory it is using.

No. The server is using as much RAM as it needs. And as you've set the
cache size to "unlimited" the upper bound on the amount of memory the
server could use is what the OS will let it use. That doesn't mean the
name server will necessarily use that much. Broadly speaking, the
amount of RAM used by BIND is a function of the number of zones it
serves, the number of resource records in those zones and the number
or RRs it caches as a result of lookups. You generally find that the
RAM/VM footprint of a caching server stabilises after 1-2 weeks. The
set of names looked up by clients tends to be complete by then.

    Steven> Please recommend me something I can change to use more of
    Steven> my RAM and anything else that might increase the
    Steven> performance & cache size.

Feeding the server more resource records will increase the cache
size. Make it load a zone file containing several million RRs. Or load
millions of zone should. Or make the server look up millions more
unique names than usual. That should do the trick.

What is it you're really trying to achieve? It's not at all clear from
your posting.

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