Bind 9 Limiting factors

Steven B. Parsons sparsons at
Fri Jun 28 16:46:10 UTC 2002

Ok Bind experts Ive done some research and have not found
much so whatever info you can give me is going to be very much
appreciated. Bind 8 is what I am familiar with mostly but the
bind 9 view's feature is what I need.

So platform is Solaris 8 with a sparc 500mhz.

I have a netra running bind 9.2.1 with 2 gigs ram physical.

Its a very busy box (avg 500 lookups / sec) and Im trying to make it
fall over but for whatever reason its limiting the amount of memory it
is using.

The process is staying right at 640M now - while as you see below I have
1188M free still.

Below are the only options Im using - & also my stats dump .

Please recommend me something I can change to use more of my RAM and
anything else that might increase the performance & cache size.

Also are those the best we can do for stats on bind 9 as of yet ?

Once again thanks to anyone who replies.

Steven B. Parsons

Memory: 2048M real, 1188M free, 648M swap in use, 980M swap free
   14550 root       6   0    0  640M  639M run     42.9H 92.64% named

          recursive-clients 25000;
          stacksize unlimited;
          datasize unlimited;
          max-cache-size unlimited;
          max-ncache-ttl 172800;

+++ Statistics Dump +++ (1025281295)
success 23550505
referral 978
nxrrset 514476
nxdomain 11623061
recursion 31693004
failure 9639526
--- Statistics Dump --- (1025281295)

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