Minimun value for TTL

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri Jun 28 18:10:23 UTC 2002

Oswaldo Cuervo wrote:

> Thanks.
> Yes, i will never do any damage to another nameserver, the domain is an
> intern one, and the only ones which ask for it, are PC's on my own domain,
> any other  external nameserver will never ask for it.
> We're developing a contigency plan, where the name server shuold report the
> address of the production server, so when the contigency were declared,
> change it to report the address of the production backup server, but during
> the tests some of those PC's and another internal nameserver keep the
> production server address in their records so they need to be restart and
> ask again to use the backup one.
> what were're trying to do is to make it transparent for the users and
> clients.
> How is the configuration for declare the value of ten minutes?
> i understand that to configure a 2 days is "TTL 2d" how is it for the ten
> minutes?

"10m", or just multiply it out to "600" (the default unit is seconds).

- Kevin

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