Crash on ndc reload

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Oct 1 08:52:48 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Gietl <listen at> writes:

    >> Yes, but not released.  It will only bite when a you are
    >> serving a parent and child zone there is glue from the parent
    >> below the child and the parent is removed.  Rare but not
    >> impossible.

    Andreas> We have a lot of parent- and child-zones. When will it be
    Andreas> released or can you please send me the patch for that bug?

If the bug Mark referred to is the root cause of your crashes, you
could change your admin procedures so that a parent zone can't be
deleted from a server while the zone contains glue for a child zone
that's also on the same (set of) name servers. This would keep things
working until the patch or new release is available. As Mark said,
this scenario is rare. Do your name servers serve zones like and bar.tld? Does bar.tld get deleted while
remains? And is there glue for in the bar.tld zone?

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