Crash on ndc reload

Andreas Gietl listen at
Tue Oct 1 08:59:52 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 01 October 2002 10:52, Jim Reid wrote:

Yes, there is glue in the master-zones to the slave-zones.

Do you have any information when the new version will be released? If it is 
just a matter of days i can wait for it and it is not worth changing the 

> >>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Gietl <listen at> writes:
>     >> Yes, but not released.  It will only bite when a you are
>     >> serving a parent and child zone there is glue from the parent
>     >> below the child and the parent is removed.  Rare but not
>     >> impossible.
>     Andreas> We have a lot of parent- and child-zones. When will it be
>     Andreas> released or can you please send me the patch for that bug?
> If the bug Mark referred to is the root cause of your crashes, you
> could change your admin procedures so that a parent zone can't be
> deleted from a server while the zone contains glue for a child zone
> that's also on the same (set of) name servers. This would keep things
> working until the patch or new release is available. As Mark said,
> this scenario is rare. Do your name servers serve zones like
> and bar.tld? Does bar.tld get deleted while
> remains? And is there glue for in the bar.tld zone?

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