how to list ALL zones of my master server

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Oct 1 21:56:04 UTC 2002

Fred Viles wrote:

> Jim Reid <jim at> wrote in
> news:anab1l$4ql6$1 at
> >>>>>> "Fred" == Fred Viles <fv+abuse at> writes:
> >
> > First of all, please remove the nospam crap from your email
> > address. It doesn't stop spammers. [They have tools to delete
> > this nospam nonsense.] All you do is present an email address
> > that can't be replied to. This is very anti-social on a MAILING
> > LIST.
> 1. I've lurked on this NEWSGROUP long enough to know that a number
> of the regular contributors share this feeling.  I respect that,
> even though I disagree.
> 2. The idea that spammers can automatically despam *any* obfuscated
> address is obvious nonsense.
> 3. My email address is perfectly valid.
> >     Fred> Actually it does (or can).  I'm thinking of the NOTIFY
> >     Fred> message.  In theory, a slave could treat a NOTIFY for
> >     an Fred> unknown domain coming from a trusted master as a
> >     signal to Fred> automatically add a new slave zone.
> >
> > Ignoring the trust issue -- which is a hard problem to solve in
> > itself
> I said "trusted master".  If such a feature were implemented in
> BIND (and I said it wouldn't likely be), there would obviously need
> to be an option to list masters for which NOTIFYs would trigger the
> behavior.
> > -- how do you propose the NOTIFY message would encode
> > other information such as who's allowed to send dynamic updates
> > or do zone transfers or where the slave server stores the zone
> > file or....?
> I don't.  I didn't propose this as a feature that should be
> implemented in BIND, I just pointed out that it *could* be - that
> the meta data *is* passed on, contrary to what the previous poster
> said.
> My actual suggstion was that it could be implemented by a program
> that watches the log.  I hadn't seen the idea mentioned here
> before.

- Kevin

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