how to list ALL zones of my master server

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Oct 2 00:57:46 UTC 2002

At 05:06 PM 9/30/02, Jim Reid wrote:
>Well for starters the NOTIFY protocol was not intended to do such a
>thing. If someone wants a DNS provisioning protocol to add/remove
>zones or change zone-specific configuration options, why not define
>and implement something that was properly developed for that specific
>purpose? Why corrupt another protocol that was never intended to
>provide that functionality?

I agree. rndc is far better suited to do these things and is designed
specifically for server management and uses TSIG for authentication.

I'd rather see an rndc command added like this:

rndc addslavezone domain-name [view] {masters}

Of course dealing with views could make it difficult to add the zone
to named.conf since you couldn't just append the zone information to
the end of it but that's no more difficult than using the NOTIFY.
At least you would have control over who can add the zone.


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