bind-9.2.1 Errors

Cricket Liu cricket at
Wed Oct 2 16:41:23 UTC 2002

> I am getting following errors:
> Oct  2 11:27:50 satyamus named[19795]: none:0: open: 
> /etc/rndc.key: file not found
> Oct  2 11:27:50 satyamus named[19795]: couldn't add command channel
> file not found

This is named trying to autoconfigure a control channel.  You can
either set up the control channel by running rndc-confgen or you
can disable autoconfiguration using a null controls statement:

controls {

> secondly:
> I have one Service provider , I am using this bind on my NS servers.
> Oct  2 11:34:49 satyamus named[19795]: client zone
> transfer '' denied
> I dont know why ISP is willing to get zone files of my domain.
> Is is required to have zonefile ,reverse zone files at ISP also.

That reverse-mapping zone is delegated to your ISP's name servers,
so yes, they need to transfer it from you: 21600 IN      NS      SATYAMUS.SATYAM.COM. 21600 IN      NS 21600 IN      NS


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